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Dr. Prashant Gangal, MD, DCH, IBCLC

Dr. Sanjay Prabhu, MD DCH IBCLC

  • Speaker Type: GOLD Lactation 2016
  • Country: India

Dr. Sanjay Prabhu is a senior pediatrician and lactation consultant working in the field of Infant and young child nutrition for past 20 years . He is an active member of Breast Feeding Promotion network of India and was the Secretary of the Maharashtra state branch. He has been closely associated with UNICEF INDIA and various State governments of india in rolling out their IYCN training plans. He was a part of the Breast Crawl video team and also the Hirkani room concept team. He has pioneered introduction of IYCN and SAM along with WHO growth charts in medical college curriculum in his state. He is actively involved in promotion of use of WHO growth charts in his country and was also part of guidelines committee to formulate IYCN guidelines for India.

Dr. Prashant Gangal is a Practicing Pediatrician in Mumbai for the last 25 years. He has also been Mother Support &  Training Coordinator of BPNI Maharashtra since 1995, Co-Coordinator of Mother Support Task Force of WABA since 2003, and a Lactation Consultant since 2009.
Dr. Gangal was trained in lactation management by Dr. Felicity Savage and has been a breastfeeding trainer and advocate for 25 years. He was instrumental in establishing the first Mother Support Group in India (1995) and played a key role in training 500 Traditional Massage Women in Mumbai, Breast crawl rejuvenation (video, dossier and website), training thousands of Government health care providers in 6 Indian States with an innovatively written module in collaboration with UNICEF and organizing IBLCE exam for the first time in India (2009). He made significant contributions to LLLI publication ‘Hirkani’s Daughters’
Dr. Gangal has multiple publications to his credit and has been a speaker at LLLI conferences in San Francisco and Chicago. He was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award by Mumbai Breastfeeding Promotion Committee in 2008 and WABA Secretariat award in 2010. He spoke on Breast Crawl at 2014 Gold Conference

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WHO Growth Charts: From Science to Implementation
Nutrition cannot be interpreted without growth charts. WHO released new international growth standards in 2006 to monitor growth of children 0-59 months of age receiving optimal nutrition and care. Lactation Consultants and Health Care Providers should use these charts to complement IYCN Counselling. They should be thorough with the science behind WHO Growth Charts and how to use this information for ideal IYCN Counselling. The concepts of stunting and wasting (SAM & MAM) also needs to be understood. Every growth chart has a story to tell. We found WHO growth charts to be accurate and extremely useful for knowing past events and use the information to promote optimal growth and development in future. Every contact with the child in general and for every immunization in particular needs to be looked as an opportunity to discuss growth and development.
Presentations: 26  |  Hours / CE Credits: 24.5  |  Viewing Time: 8 Weeks