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Gail Tully, BS, CPM, CD(DONA)

  • Speaker Type: GOLD Midwifery 2016
  • Country: USA

Gail Tully, is the Spinning Babies Lady and expert in Fetal Positioning. Since 2001, Spinning Babies has been introducing a new paradigm in labor progress through workshops, website, and world speaking engagements. She was a Founding Mother of The Childbirth Collective, and the first coordinator of the Hennepin County Medical Center’s Doula Project and  trainer for FUMC’s Somali Doula Program and The Turtle Women of St. Paul’s American Indian Family Center. Gail had her first child with HCMC’s CNM program that was one year old at the time. Gail is the author of Belly Mapping Workbook; How kicks and wiggles reveal your baby’s position.

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Inside the Inlet, labor progress at the beginning
Can we encourage labor onset and progress without the force of pharmecueticals? Learn the value of body balancing the soft tissue anatomy of engagement. Unravel a common misdiagnosis and learn how to help baby into the pelvis to help baby through the pelvis. Shorter labors; fewer cesareans. The observations of Gail Tully for your birth bag.
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