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Pamela Morrison, IBCLC

  • Speaker Type: Managing Challenges at the Breast Lecture Pack 2017
  • Country: UK

Pamela Morrison has worked with breastfeeding mothers and babies for 30 years. She served as a La Leche League Leader in Harare, Zimbabwe from 1987 before certifying as the first IBCLC in the country in 1990. She worked in private practice until 2003, before moving to Australia and then to England. She served for many years on the Zimbabwean National Breastfeeding Committee and on the BFHI Task Force. She has subsequently served as Co-coordinator of the WABA Task Forces on Infants Nutrition Rights and on Breastfeeding and HIV. Pamela continues to write and speak for the preservation and protection of breastfeeding in challenging situations.

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Managing Low Weight Gain in the Exclusively Breastfed Baby
In biological terms, successful breastfeeding demands that the baby survives and thrives on his mother’s milk. “Not-enough-milk” (either real or perceived) has long been recognized as the most common reason why mothers abandon breastfeeding. Ways to identify for the mother whether a baby is “getting enough” are discussed. The causes of inadequate breastmilk intake include physiological/anatomical conditions in mother/baby, poor lactation management or other more obscure causes. While planning interventions to enhance breastmilk production and improve infant intake, it is important to protect the baby’s nutritional status. Simultaneously implementing strategies to increase the mothers’ breastmilk supply while caring for a high-need baby can be immensely challenging. Each client will need constant support, reassurance and re-evaluation. Turning such a difficulty around, with the goal of eventually returning to exclusive breastfeeding, can be one of the most fulfilling and rewarding situations that an IBCLC can work with.
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