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Dr. Andrew Bisits, MD

  • Speaker Type: GOLD Perinatal 2014
  • Country: Australia

Andrew Bisits is the Director of Obstetrics at the Royal Hospital for Women, Sydney, Australia- a tertiary academic hospital which oversees   4000 births per year.  He moved there from Newcastle, 150km north of Sydney, four years ago. In Newcastle he had been the director of Obstetrics for eight years. Dr Bisits has been in full time obstetrics for 30 years this time including the training and residency positions.  He has had a strong interest in breech birth since the term breech trial was first planned. In the research arena he has a strong leaning towards epidemiology and biostatistics. In the clinical arena he has participated in several initiatives to promote normal birth through helping establish primary midwifery care programs for pregnant women. Dr Bisits has a conjoint associate professorial position with the UNSW and is on the Australian board of ALSO (advanced life support in obstetrics).

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The safe conduct of vaginal breech delivery at term
The safe conduct of vaginal breech birth is an important competency for all maternity carers. It applies to the care of women who plan a vaginal breech birth at term or women who unexpectedly are labouring with a breech at term. Maternity carers in these situations must first have a good rapport with the woman which allows her to understand the special variations of a breech birth. Next all maternity carers need to know in detail the mechanisms of a normal breech. Correspondingly they need to know the mechanism of the abnormal breech birth and how to deal with it. These principles are best learnt in real birthing situations ; training for such situations can also occur with the excellent models that are currently available.
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