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Sonya Kujawa-Myles, RN, MScN, IBCLC

  • Speaker Type: GOLD Perinatal 2014
  • Country: Canada

Sonya Kujawa-Myles is a registered nurse and lactation consultant who currently works both in an out-patient breastfeeding clinic at her local hospital and through a naturopathic clinic. She originally trained at Grey’s Hospital in Pietermaritzburg, in South Africa where she obtained her RN diploma, and worked in a level 3 NICU. After immigrating to Canada in the late 1990’s she completed both her BScN and her MScN via distance education at Lakehead University and the University of Ottawa respectively. Her Master’s thesis was focused on the relationship between intravenous fluids given to mothers in the peripartum period and postpartum breast swelling. She remains a passionate advocate for the rights of women transitioning into motherhood.

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The relationship between maternal intravenous fluids and breast changes in the postpartum period: a pilot observational study
Engorgement and edema in breast tissue can lead to breastfeeding challenges which may contribute to early weaning. This first part of this presentation looks at a pilot research study which explores the relationship between intravenous (IV) fluids given to mothers during the peripartum period and postpartum breast or nipple swelling in the first ten days postpartum. Women who received IV fluids during labour had higher levels of edema postpartum and rated their breasts as firmer as and more tender than women who did not receive IV fluids. The second half of the presentation will look at differentiating between engorgement and edema, and ways to treat both of these conditions.
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