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Carmela Baeza, IBCLC,MD, Family Medicine Specialist

  • Speaker Type: GOLD Lactation 2018
  • Country: Spain

Carmela is a medical doctor; who specialized in family medicine and sexual therapy before she discovered (thanks to her first child) a passion for breastfeeding. She became an IBCLC in 2005 and is also a BFHI Evaluator since 2006. She works in a Family Wellness Clinic, Raices, where she does sex therapy, teaches Natural Family Planning (Symptothermal and LAM) and is in charge of the breastfeeding program. This program includes attending moms & babies at the clinic, doing pre and postnatal breastfeeding classes for parents, and an extensive offer of lactation training for health professionals, doulas and breastfeeding counsellors. She and her husband, Carlos, homeschool their four children.

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Management of Chronic Breast Pain: Holistic Approach
When a breastfeeding mother consults because of chronic, deep breast pain, we feel weak at the knees. Often these mothers have been to several specialists and nothing has worked for them. Is it mastitis? Thrush? Referred pain from an inadequate latch? Emotional issues? Or is it all of the above, and even more? In this presentation we will learn to do an in-depth clinical history and to use an holistic model for a systematic management of chronic breast pain, so we can offer these mothers more efficient solutions – and better counselling.
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