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Ruth Patterson, RN, IBCLC

Shazia Shadab, BPT, PG

  • Speaker Type: GOLD Lactation 2023
  • Country: India

Ruth Patterson is Cloud Nine's P I O N E E R & Most Sought Lactation Specialist with 33 years of rich experience - currently practicing at Jayanagar C9, Bangalore-India and a visiting Lactation Consultant with 9 other Cloud Nine branches locally. She also heads the 24 Pan India Cloud Nine Hospitals as the Manager Lactation.

Ruth's 30+ years of rich experience includes maternity, allied health and nursing care, both in rural and urban sector in India & Abroad. Her exclusive 18 years of experience in Lactation services, she has acquired immense practical knowledge in the last decade to identify most critical disorders of mother and babies during breastfeeding stage. She is acclaimed to have expertise in a lesser-known art of re-lactation and induced lactation.

Ruth is known for her ability to identify the most critical issues in Breastfeeding and restore/re-initiate feeds. She is acclaimed for the use of Dynamic Taping (only available at Jayanagar C9) that arrests/prevents breast surgery/abscess. This Dynamic Taping practice, alongside, a Gynecologist, Pediatrician and Physiotherapist at Cloud Nine, is patented.

Ruth is a well sought out person for patient hearing and provides her expert comments in News columns/Media and also delivers guest lectures.

Dr. Shazia Shadab (PT) is the HOD of the Cloud nine physiotherapist department (PAN-India). She has 10 years experience and has been exceptional in her career with constant learning of new skills and improvising in her services.

She has multiple articles published in acclaimed newspapers and many international certifications affiliated with her name like pelvic girdle dysfunction, labor mechanism, and has done basic advanced certification in dynamic tapping to name a few. She also has pursued her post-graduation in research methodology after her bachelor's in physiotherapy.

She has always been keen to learn how to progress in a variety of different treatment approaches to find better results. This has helped her and her team to develop an intervention to prevent breast abscess with no surgical approach and has been granted a patent on "a device to promote feeding and scar-free treatment of breast abscess treatment during lactation". She has worked along with professionals like Dr. Kishore Kumar, Dr. Prakash Kini, and Ruth Patterson, and has treated more than 100 patients suffering from breast abscesses without any surgical intervention. This would be an exceptional resource to help and provide better care.

She has extensive expertise in not only treating but also preventing multiple musculoskeletal conditions during pregnancy and postpartum. She has been awarded the ABCD (Above and Beyond the Call on Duty) Award for her unwavering and selfless dedication to her patients.

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Dynamic Taping of the Breast for Lactational Breast Abscess
"Lactational breast abscess is a common problem during breastfeeding. Surgical treatment of breast abscess involves maternal child separation and discontinuation of breast feeding. Surgical intervention with its inherent anxiety and probable unwanted side effects can deprive the lactating parent and baby of innumerable benefits. Non-surgical therapeutic modalities can potentially circumvent these problems. Dynamic taping with the help of a physiotherapist is a potential non-surgical intervention. This presentation presents the results of an observational, cohort study which was conducted in 20 consenting mothers with breast abscess attending an out-patient services tertiary maternal and neonatal unit. The mothers were administered two layers of dynamic tape as a single long segment on the breast avoiding the areola in an outward radiating direction to optimize lymphatic flow. Treatment was considered successful if there was resolution of the breast abscess with or without natural oozing."
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