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  • Speaker Type: Tongue Tie Symposium 2023
  • Country: Ireland

Justin is a Consultant Paediatrician who has worked in both the UK and Ireland. He has had an interest in Tongue Ties for over 15 years and has created multi-disciplinary pathways of care. He is Medical Director of the National Tongue Tie Centre in County Tipperary, Ireland which he established with Kate Roche, a Chartered Physiotherapist, in 2017. There he and the team provide comprehensive care for infants, children and adults with tethered oral tissues.

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Beneath the Surface: Anatomy and Physiology and How These Influence the Approach to Frenectomy
The management of tongue tie has many approaches. In this presentation we will explore the anatomy and physiology of normal tongue frenulae and that of ankyloglossia. How the structures affect function and how to manage them to optimise function. We will also discuss the problems that can be seen following incomplete release and reattachment. We will also cover complications during surgery and management options.
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