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Ruth Anne Hammond, MA

  • Speaker Type: Early Years Symposium 2022
  • Country: U.S.A

Ruth Anne Hammond is the author of Respecting Babies: A Guide to Educaring for Parents and Professionals (Zero to Three, 2019), and is a consultant for infant/toddler care and education. Having been mentored by Magda Gerber, founder of Resources for Infant Educarers, she teaches and mentors parents and professionals in the US and abroad. She served on RIE’s board of directors for many years and was President from 2006 through 2011. She was on the faculty of Pacific Oaks College & Children’s School as both a member of the Senior Adjunct Faculty and a Master Teacher in the Infant/Toddler-Parent Program for 17 years. She is currently on the board of directors of Families Forward Learning Center in Pasadena, CA and serves as chair of the Programs Advisory Committee. Ms. Hammond earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from Southern Methodist University and a Master of Arts in Human Development, specializing in Infant/Toddler Studies and Leadership in Education, from Pacific Oaks College. She is a longtime member of psychologist Allan Schore’s interpersonal neurobiology study group.

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Laying the Foundation for Self-Discipline With Infants and the Very Young
How a child is cared for in the earliest months and years of life, pre-birth to three or so, can foster the implicit development of what will be seen as self-discipline in the preschool years and later. In this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to connect the dots between respectful, attuned caregiving, self-initiated activity, authentic communication and the development of self-regulation, the necessary precursor to healthy self-discipline. We will explore the basics of Dr. Allan Schore’s Regulation Theory, which integrates Bowlby’s classical Attachment Theory and modern interpersonal neurobiology, as well as practical ways to put it into practice in the home or anywhere infants and young children are being cared for. The Educaring Approach, which will be referred to, offers replicable strategies and tools for building the secure relationships that form the basis for children to develop into to peaceful, cooperative and confident people who exhibit the benefits of self-discipline.
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