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GOLD Learning Education News

Join GOLD Learning to celebrate International Day of the Midwife 2018! We'll be recognizing the work of midwives around the world with a fantastic free webinar with Karen H. Strange, CPM, AAP/NRP Instructor, CKC. International Day of the Midwife is an annual event that highlights the work of midwives and builds relationships within the field.

Join us on May 4 with Karen H. Strange for "When You Know Better, You Do Better". Click here to reserve your free seat:

Karen Strange became a Licensed Midwife in 1988 and is renowned for her insightful work surrounding neonatal transitional physiology and the baby's experience of birth.

This International Day of the Midwife presentation offers an exciting opportunity to examine your understanding of what is normal in birth. Karen will guide us through the impact of obstetric practices, the embryological blueprint of mammalian birth, and what normal birth looks like. Attendees will evaluate the ways fear impacts birth and will learn specific techniques to regulate and work with fear. This presentation will be filled with storytelling, historical perspective and the captivating journey of birth With Karen's insightful and thought-provoking presentation style, this event is sure to inspire birthworkers to examine their personal beliefs and expand their mindset!

This webinar will be available both live and as a recording, with 1 continuing education credit awarded upon completion. Don't miss your opportunity to learn with Karen and to connect with colleagues from around the world!