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Human Milk Bank's in Poland

by Anna Kotlinska, PhD Candidate, Masters of Midwifery
  • Duration: 60 Mins
  • Credits: 1 CERP, 1 L-CERP
  • Learning Format: Webinar
  • Handout: Yes
  • Origin:

Although Human Milk Banks are already more than 100 years in the world in Poland they are pretty new and young institution. History of breast milk sharing is well known, in times of war in Polish women sell milk on food market. Today we have a professional Human Milk Banks with international standards and very engaged in scientific work. Human Milk Banks working as non-profit institution, but from this year 2017 our government will pay and support all hospitals in Poland which feed premature babies and full time newborns - human milk (biological mother or from Human Milk Bank). This presentation will show the history of our banks, inception steps, functioning, obtaining Donors Mothers, cooperation with non-governmental organizations and the national health service in Poland.

Learning Objectives:

Objective 1: Describe how works Human Milk Banks in Poland
Objective 2: Describe the relationship between breastfeeding and gut flora development and maintenance
Objective 3: List methods of recruitment and collaboration with donor mothers
Objective 4: Describe characteristics of the donor mothers and human milk

Categories: Human Milk Banks
Presentations: 6  |  Hours / CE Credits: 6  |  Viewing Time: 4 Weeks