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Rethinking the Definition of Breast/Chestfeeding: Where Does Pumping Fit In?

by Nichelle Clark, IBCLC, CBS, Doula
  • Duration: 60 Mins
  • Credits: 1 CERP, 1 L-CERP, 1 Nursing Contact Hours, 1 CME, 0.1 Midwifery CEU, 1 Dietetic CEU
  • Handout: Yes

The first breast pump is credited to being invented/patented in 1854 by O. H. Needham. Since then, the pump industry has exploded, making breast pumps more accessible throughout the Western World. While technology has transitioned with the times, the bias that exists within lactation has not. Clinicians are still drawing hard lines on what the “true” definition of breast/chestfeeding is. In this presentation, we’ll dive into why there’s still a debate and answer the age-old question. Spoiler alert: Pumping is breastfeeding and lactation professionals have a responsibility to support parents to meet their pumping goals.

Learning Objectives:

1. Define Breastfeeding/Chestfeeding.

2. Explain the importance of checking biases and how they may impact care.

3. Describe at least 3 reasons why parents may utilize breast pumps.

4. Describe how IBCLCs and Lactation Professionals can impact and facilitate proper use of breast pumps.

5. Explain what the WHO Code says about chestfeeding/breastfeeding via a pump.

Presentations: 6  |  Hours / CE Credits: 6  |  Viewing Time: 4 Weeks