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Lactation and Work: Ethically Guiding Clients Through Workplace Barriers

by Jessica Lee, J.D.
  • Duration: 60 Mins
  • Credits: 1 CERP, 1 E-CERP
  • Handout: Yes
  • Origin: GOLD Learning

One of the most challenging experiences on a parent’s lactation journey is managing return to work. When lactating workers have access to both time and space for expressing breast milk, they are more likely to meet their breast/chestfeeding goals, yet many struggle to access these simple accommodations. Participants will gain an understanding of how workplace conditions influence lactation, become familiar with key legal principles protecting lactating parents in the workplace, and, learn strategies to ethically support their clients in reducing workplace barriers to continued lactation.

Learning Objectives:

Objective 1. Participants will describe the needs of their clients in the workplace.

Objective 2. Participants will be able to describe an IBCLC’s potential role in supporting lactating workers through client education.

Objective 3. Participants will be able to summarize the legal protections for expressing milk at work, when to ask for help, and where to go for assistance.

Objective 4. Participants will be able to write effective workplace accommodation notes for lactating clients.

Objective 5. Participants will be able to apply their knowledge to real-world situations.

Presentations: 5  |  Hours / CE Credits: 5  |  Viewing Time: 6 Weeks