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Neonatal Arrhythmias: Interpretation & Treatment

by Leigh Ann Cates-McGlinn, PhD, APRN, NNP-BC, RRT-NPS, CHSE
  • Duration: 60 Mins
  • Credits: 1 CERP, 1 R-CERP, 1 Nursing Contact Hours
  • Handout: No

Newborn arrhythmias are relatively common, occurring in up to 90% of neonates. Although many of those arrhythmias are benign, practitioners should be aware of the more common life-threatening rhythm and conduction disturbances that can affect neonates. This presentation will review the principles for identifying common benign and life threatening neonatal arrhythmias including premature atrial and ventricular contractions, atrioventricular block, congenital complete heart block, supraventricular tachycardias, and ventricular tachycardias and fibrillation. In addition, this presentation will examine common treatment modalities including medications, cardioversion and defibrillation. Finally, this presentation will correlate rhythm identification with treatment modalities in the neonatal population.

Learning Objectives:

Objective 1: List principles for identifying common neonatal arrhythmias

Objective 2: List common treatment modalities for common neonatal arrhythmias

Objective 3: Use the best treatment modality based on correct rhythm interpretation

Categories: Neonates
Presentations: 1  |  Hours / CE Credits: 1  |  Viewing Time: 2 Weeks