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Mothering Experiences: The Development of Self-Efficacy in First Time Mothers

by Eithne Murray, IBCLC, BEd, MA, Dip BfC
  • Duration: 60 Mins
  • Credits: 1 CERP, 1 R-CERP
  • Handout: No

Aims: The aims of this study were to explore the role of education and support in the development of self-efficacy in first-time mothers during the transition to motherhood.

Methodology: Using a qualitative approach, first time mothers, whose babies were less than 15 months old, were recruited from among women who had attended various models of antenatal classes They took part in a semi-structured interview on their experiences and personal constructs relating to the perceived quality of support they received were then elicited.

Findings: Becoming a mother was a process that held great meaning for all the mothers. For the women interviewed, breastfeeding was both a practice and a process which held meaning for these women. The impact of the various forms of antenatal classes in developing self-efficacy for all parental tasks is explored. The elicitation of personal constructs provides a novel format for women to evaluate the quality of the support they received – a topic which has been seldom researched.

Learning Objectives:

Objective 1: Describe the concept of self-efficacy in new mothers

Objective 2: List themes in the transition to motherhood

Objective 3: Describe the styles of support preferred by many mothers

Presentations: 29  |  Hours / CE Credits: 27.5  |  Viewing Time: 8 Weeks