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Join us on September 12th as we kick off our GOLD Learning Online Symposiums with 5 wonderful talks that will have you sharpening your skills on Childbirth Education. This event will highlight some of the latest research and trends in childbirth education. We look forward to a fascinating day - updating our clinical knowledge and skills with a particular focus on how to present information to the families we work with. This symposium is perfect for anyone who provides prenatal education to families.

If you're not able to attend on the 12th, you'll have 4 weeks of unlimited access to the recordings of these presentations. Post questions during our Q&A sessions or on our online forums. Download Handouts & Interact with a vibrant GOLD Learning Community.

We had the pleasure of sitting down with our Speakers recently and asking them a few questions about their upcoming presentation. Scroll down to play each of their interviews!

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Schedule:   Live September 12, 2016
Recording Access Time: 4 Weeks.
Education:   5 hours (CNEs, ICEA, Lamaze, MEAC Midwifery, CERPs (1L, 4R) applied for.
On Demand:   Play, pause, rewind & re-watch presentations.
Handouts:   Download/Print materials, slides & references provided by the Speakers.
Forums & Chat:   Post questions to Speakers or chat with colleagues online.
Q&A:   Live question & answer session after each talk. View the recordings of all the live Question & Answer Sessions.
Registration:   Early Bird Registration: $60 USD. Regular Registration begins September 2nd ($75 USD). 10% discount for GOLD Annual Members.

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