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GOLD Learning Day - Breastfeeding in the Early Weeks: Clinical Education Techniques

The early weeks of breastfeeding can be a steep learning curve for a lot of families. As professionals, it's important to know how to support our clients through this often overwhelming time. How do we provide information during a time when parents are going through the transition to parenthood, are often sleep deprived and may be trying to process birth trauma or other complex feelings? What information is essential in the early weeks when time for teaching is often limited? Our three expert speakers Rachel Davis, Anna Le Grange and Andrea Herron offer some answers to these questions!

Learn more about Motivational Interviewing in the early days of feeding, a mindful approach to low milk supply, and the relationship between parent/infant synchrony, breastfeeding success and infant cues.

This lecture pack is approved for 3 L-CERPs, 3 Nurse Contact Hours, 3 Dietetic CPEUs & 0.3 MEAC Midwifery CEUs (equivalent to 3 NARM CEUs).

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Total CE Hours: 3.00   Access Time: 6 Weeks  
Lectures in this bundle (3):
Duration: 60 mins
Andrea Herron, RN, MN, CPNP, IBCLC
The Relationship Between Parent/Infant Synchrony, Breastfeeding Success and Infant Cues
United States Andrea Herron, RN, MN, CPNP, IBCLC

Andrea Herron, is one of the first and longest continuous certified pediatric nurse practitioners in the United States. After more than 40 years working with breastfeeding mothers and their babies and teaching parenting classes, she is among one of the most experienced consultant in the field of lactation. Regardless of the issue or concern, Andrea has guided thousands of mothers to meet their breastfeeding and early parenting goals through support groups, lactation consultations, and childrearing education. After receiving a Master's in pediatric nursing from UCLA, Andrea became an early pioneer in the back-to-breastfeeding movement, and educated health professionals as an instructor in the UCLA lactation educator course, all over the United States. Her private lactation practice, Growing with Baby in San Luis Obispo, California, was used as the national model for private practices by Women Infant and Children (WIC), the federally funded health and nutrition program. One of her favorite and most popular topics she teaches through her Growing with Baby parenting groups is, Understanding Your Infant’s Temperament. This topic and many of the other topics she teaches are included in her newly released book, Suckle, Sleep, Thrive: Breastfeeding Success Through Understanding Your Baby’s Cues. Co-written with Lisa Rizzo.

Andrea has been married to Larry Herron, an orthopedic spine surgeon, for over 35 years. They are the proud parents of a grown son, two Labradors, a cat, and parrot. The couple reside in Shell Beach, California.

Objective 1. Describe the characteristics of the six infant states and their relevance to breastfeeding.

Objective 2. Relate the importance of appropriate parental responses to infant cues and their impact on the development of infant self-regulation.

Objective 3. Describe the correlation between contingent communication between parent and baby and long term self esteem and optimal development.

Objective 4. Define infant regulation.

Objective 5. Describe how to engage today’s parent in the role of observing their baby through, “Baby Watching.”

Objective 6. List the infant cues that indicate hunger, satisfaction, fatigue and overstimulation.

United States Andrea Herron, RN, MN, CPNP, IBCLC

During early breastfeeding it is critical that parents learn how to respond to and meet the individual infant’s needs. Compared to other mammals, the human newborn has a larger and more adaptable brain (head). The infant is particularly immature and dependent on appropriate, responsive care giving, and an environment for optimum development, survival and safety. Successful breastfeeding and parent and infant self-esteem are dependent upon the caregiver’s understanding of infant signals and contingent appropriate responses as the baby matures. This presentation focuses on understanding: (1) the newborn's abilities and senses; (2) how parents can identify and understand the abilities (Baby Watching Techniques); (3) infant states of awareness; and, (4) in-depth illustrations of infant cues and their interpretation.

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Duration: 60 mins
Rachel Dean, MPH, RDN, LDN, IBCLC, RLC
Motivational Interviewing in the Early Days of Feeding
United States Rachel Dean, MPH, RDN, LDN, IBCLC, RLC

Rachel Dean serves as a Registered Dietitian and International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant, with a Bachelor of Science in Nutritional Sciences from Penn State University and a Master’s in Public Health from the Department of Maternal and Child Health at the UNC Chapel Hill. She also completed her lactation training through the Carolina Global Breastfeeding Institute.
Her career has included providing maternal and pediatric nutrition counseling through WIC and SNAP programs and working on local and regional levels to provide nutrition and feeding education and support. Currently, she serves as the owner of Harmony Nutrition & Lactation, LLC, where she supports parents of color and helps them feel comfortable with nourishing themselves and their little ones.
Rachel is passionate about decreasing racial health disparities and achieving health equity among all people. She helped create and was the Program Director for the first two cohorts of the Lactation Consultant Training Program at Johnson C Smith University, the first Pathway 2 training program implemented at a historically black college/university in an effort to help diversify the field of lactation. She also serves as the Executive Director and Cofounder of Queen City Cocoa B.E.A.N.S., a non-profit organization that assists new and expectant families of color in improving their health and achieving a more balanced lifestyle through nutrition, lactation education, and support.

Objective 1. Define motivational interviewing and discuss the steps involved in the process of working with parents.

Objective 2. Describe the motivating factors that drive individuals towards behavior change and meeting goals.

Objective 3. Describe how to apply the steps to lactation-specific scenarios to better assist parents in meeting their goals.

United States Rachel Dean, MPH, RDN, LDN, IBCLC, RLC

The purpose of this presentation is to help lactation consultants improve counseling skills with parents through the use of motivational interviewing. We will define motivational interviewing and discuss brief history. Then we will discuss behavior and what drives individuals to change or adopt certain behaviors. We will discuss the importance of the parent-provider relationship in communicating and supporting parents to discover answers within themselves and realize that they are truly the experts. And finally we will review the steps to MI and learn how to apply them in different breast/chest feeding scenarios.

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Duration: 60 mins
Anna Le Grange, Bsc, RNc, IBCLC
A Mindful Approach to Low Milk Supply
United Kingdom Anna Le Grange, Bsc, RNc, IBCLC

Anna Le Grange is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Registered Pediatric Nurse, Mindfulness teacher and Author. She has worked with new families for over 20 years in a variety of clinical roles. Anna brings her passion for psychology, neuroscience and mindfulness into her lactation support work and facilitates other professionals to incorporate emotional well-being tools into their own lactation practice.

Mother to 3 children, Anna breastfed her 3rd child following breast reduction surgery and experienced first-hand, the emotional challenges that so often relate to infant feeding complexities. She used her personal experiences alongside mindfulness and lactation knowledge, to create a toolbox of techniques for breastfeeding families, which she includes in her courses and book, The Mindful Breastfeeding Book. Anna believes whole-heartedly in prioritising calm and connection within our breastfeeding support practices, both for our clients and ourselves.

Anna is currently studying for a MSc in Positive Psychology at Buckingham New University and has spoken at various events including the ILactation conference and Womanfest.

Objective 1: Following this session, participants will describe the link between stress, the nervous system and lactation.

Objective 2: Following this session, participants will be able to discuss how brain/body connection is relevant to milk-supply, mother-baby bonding and emotional wellbeing.

Objective 3: Following this session, participants will be able to list 3 mindfulness-based interventions suitable for using with new parents.

United Kingdom Anna Le Grange, Bsc, RNc, IBCLC

In this presentation Anna Le Grange shares with us the links between stress and lactation and how mindfulness and relaxation techniques can help. As well as having psychological benefits for both parent and baby, relaxation and mindfulness tools can positively impact the let-down-reflex and milk supply. The early days and weeks after a baby is born, can be a time of stress and worry for many parents, if low milk supply is also a concern, these feelings may be exacerbated. Anna presents mindfulness-based support for new parents as a holistic, evidence-based and nurturing way to work with families whilst also helping them increase their supply through practical breastfeeding support measures.

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CERPs - Continuing Education Recognition Points
GOLD Conferences has been designated as a Long Term Provider of CERPs by the IBLCE--Approval #CLT114-07. This program is approved for 3 CERPs (3 L-CERPs).

Midwifery CEUs - MEAC Contact Hours
This program is approved for accreditation through the Midwifery Education & Accreditation Council (MEAC) for 3 Contact Hours or 0.3 CEUs. Please note that 0.1 MEAC Midwifery CEU is equivalent to 1.0 NARM CEUs.

Nursing CEUs - Nursing Contact Hours
This nursing continuing professional development activity was approved by the American Nurses Association Massachusetts, an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation. CEUs will be valid through to 08/17/2023.
This activity is approved for 3 Nursing Contact Hours.

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Viewing time: 6 Weeks

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Breastfeeding Support, Counseling Skills, Managing Milk Supply

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