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Ready, Set, Listen! Preparing to Hear the Missing Voices of the Lactation Consultant Profession

GOLD Lactation, ILCA, IBCLE & LEAARC teamed up to put on a pre-Summit webinar to the 2014 Lactation Summit that was held on July 27 in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. This talk will help you better understand issues related to inequities in access to the lactation consultant profession, what institutional oppression is and how it occurs, the ethical rationale for dismantling institutional oppression, and the change process that individuals and institutions experience when engaging in this work.

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Duration: 134 mins
Ready, Set, Listen! Preparing to Hear the Missing Voices of the Lactation Consultant Profession
U.S.A. Cynthia Good, MS, LMHCA, IBCLC, CATSM

Cynthia Good, MS Clinical Psychology, is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Clinical Counselor, author, consultant, and internationally recognized speaker. She is the Director of LifeCircle Consulting, LLC and is Certified in Acute Traumatic Stress Management. She is based in the Seattle, Washington, USA area, where she formerly served as an Adjunct Professor in the Department of Midwifery at Bastyr University where she taught counseling skills and is a therapist at Sandbox Therapy Group where she works with children, adults, and families. Cynthia has a strong interest in the emerging field of lactational psychology. She brings the evidence and insights of psychology and lactation consulting to her presentations, providing information and teaching skills that are essential to understanding and effectively responding to the complex psychosocial realities of families living in diverse contexts. The focus of her presentations includes communication skills and counseling techniques for perinatal care providers; equity, diversity, and inclusion; infant feeding rhetoric; perinatal mental health; perinatal loss, grief, and trauma; ethics; serving as an expert witness in lactation-related court cases; cultural competence and humility; vitamin D; and more.

Objective 1: Compare and contrast the four different levels of systems of oppression.

Objective 2: Explain the importance of understanding and countering cognitive dissonance when trying to learn from the missing voices of the lactation consultant profession.

Objective 3: List three ground rules for listening and speaking at the 2014 Lactation Summit.

U.S.A. Cynthia Good, MS, LMHCA, IBCLC, CATSM

Individuals and institutions within and outside of the lactation consultant profession are increasingly aware of inequity in access to becoming an IBCLC. ILCA, IBLCE, and LEAARC are co-sponsoring the 2014 Lactation Summit to begin addressing inequities within the lactation profession. “Ready, Set, Listen! Preparing to Hear the Missing Voices of the Lactation Consultant Profession” is a pre-Summit webinar that provides anticipatory guidance for the management of thoughts and feelings when encountering new information that conflicts with existing beliefs; helps Summit participants develop a common language and understanding of systems of privilege and oppression; explains the ethical rationale for learning to see and counter bias, privilege, and oppression in our field; offers a brief roadmap to beginning the journey of helping dismantle institutional oppression within our field; and gives guidance on how to effectively listen to the missing voices in the lactation consultant profession that will be heard at the Lactation Summit.

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Inequity & Inclusion in IBCLC Profession

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