US Birth Summit IV

Birth Place Lab

At the US Birth Summit IV, 150 leaders from across the health care system will meet in Santa Fe, New Mexico to respond to the shocking gaps in provision of high quality care, and disparities in access, outcomes and experience of maternity care in the US. From March 31- April 2, delegates will co-create an implementation plan for emerging tools, resources, and curricula that can contribute to improved health outcomes for all families. The Summit will link the architects of these innovative resources, and best practice models of care, to health systems experts who can apply them as standard of care across all communities in the United States.

This is a fully interactive, structured meeting following the internationally acclaimed Future Search process for transdisciplinary dialogue when addressing "wicked problems". The Future Search model for co-creation requires narrowing the focus on the goals of the meeting when identifying stakeholder groups, and when nominating delegates. Join the delegates including leaders from the major maternity care organizations; community health leaders; innovative practice models from around the country; researchers, legislators, public health, hospital administration as well as consumers and educators – in short decision makers and service users across the "whole system".

GOLD Learning is proud to be a Champion Level Sponsor and Education Capture Partner for the US Birth Summit IV. Through our online learning platform, you'll have the opportunity to access two critical presentations that will take place during the summit. The presentations will be web-casted live, with the recordings of these sessions being made available shortly afterwards.

These presentations are available at no cost. For professionals looking to receive CME credits, a nominal fee of $30 USD has been applied. Proceeds from these presentations will assist in the development of future Birth Summits through the Birth Place Labs.

The work of Birth Place Lab would not be possible without the generosity of donors and supporters. We encourage anyone that is attending these presentations and has the means to do so, to help support this great initiative.

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Due to the evolving nature of the sensitive conversations occurring, please note there has been a last minute change to the onsite program and the livestream will not be occurring as planned.

We'll be working to capture some of the education that is taking place at the event and will make this available once ready