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Academy of Breastfeeding MedicineGOLD Learning is thrilled to partner with the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine (ABM) to offer new educational opportunities to the GOLD Learning Community. Did you miss the last Annual International Meeting of the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine? We’re excited to announce the birth of a great new friendship between ABM and GOLD Learning. You will now be able to access cutting-edge research and clinical skills on the most current issues within breastfeeding medicine! Recordings of conference presentations are now available through the GOLD Learning Lecture Library.

Recordings from ABM 2016 are available now!

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The Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine - 21st Annual International Meeting

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The Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine 21st Annual International Meeting took place from October 13-16, 2016 in Washington, DC. We're thrilled to offer the recordings from this conference here in our GOLD Learning Library. With 22 individual presentations providing a total of 13.5 CE hours, this package gives access to world class speakers at minimal cost. Topics covered include evidence on the benefits of breastfeeding, ethics, policy being influenced by research, the impact contraceptives on lactation, skin-to-skin care, milksharing, extended breastfeeding in mothers of colour, and more. This package comes with 8 weeks of viewing time, giving plenty of time to watch recordings. Speaker handouts are available for download for each of the presentations.

Using Breastmilk to Study Breast Cancer Risk
Continuing Evidence on the Benefits of Breastfeeding and Implementation Challenges
Donor Human Milk in VLBW Infants: Experience, Research, Future Directions
Ethics and breastfeeding: Is not doing good a bad thing
Ruth Lawrence, MD, FABM
Breastfeeding Research Hit Parade - 2016
Amy G. Bryant, MD, MSCR
Lactational Effects of Contraceptive Hormones: an Evaluation (LECHE)
Reducing Intensive Care Admissions for Asymptomatic Hypoglycemia
Dr. Nils Bergman, MB ChB, MPH, MD
The Neuroscience behind the skin-to-skin imperative
Simran Noor, MSSP/MPA
Health Equity: An Issue for Breastfeeding?
Kergie Leitgeb, MD, IBCLC
Milksharing- Traditions Old and New
Determinatns of Timely Introduction of Complimentary Feeding in India: Secondary Analysis of National Survey Data 1992- 2006
Ellen Chetwynd, MPH, RN, BSN, IBCLC
Cumulative Lactation and Middle Aged Onset of Hypertesnsion in African American women
Laurie Nommsen-Rivers, PhD, RD, IBCLC
Milk Production in Mothers with and without Signs of Insulin Resistance
Mother's Concerns for Personal Safety/Vulnerability While Breastfeeding: An Unexplored Phenomenon
Extending Breastfeeding among Black and Latina Mothers: Preparing Women for the Postpartum Period
Dana Silver, MD, FAAP, FABM
The Ties that Bind- or Don't
Founders' Lecture "Breastfeeding Research in Pelotas: How Science Can Influence Global Policy"
Ann Witt, MD, FABM
Therapeutic Breast Massage
UNICEF/WHO Global Breastfeeding Advocacy Initiative
Anne Eglash, MD, FABM
Amy G. Bryant, MD, MSCR
New Guidelines, Old Debate: Contraception and Breastfeeding
Uwe Ewald, MD, PhD
Breastfeeding Promotion in a Swedish NICU
Fetal and Labor Stress and Breastfeeding
Presentations: 22  |  Hours / CE Credits: 13.5 (details)  |   Viewing Time: 8 Weeks  |   Added: 20/6/2017
CERP: 13.5
L-CERP: 12
E-CERP: 0.75
R-CERP: 0.75
CNE: 13.5
CME: 13.5
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The Significance of Childbirth to the Birthing Person

Penny discusses the significance of Childbirth to the birthing Person: Influences of Care and Place For Birth.

The Significance of Childbirth to the Birthing Person: Influences of Care and Place For Birth
Presentations: 1  |  Hours / CE Credits: 1.25 (details)  |   Viewing Time: 3 Weeks  |   Added: 07/09/2016
CERP: 1.25
R-CERP: 1.25
CNE: 1.25
Midwifery CEU: 0.1
Lamaze: 1.25
ICEA: 1.25